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We are authorized dealers for Tracfone, and we support up to 6 different cell phone service carriers. Come to us for cell phone activation and you won’t be sorry. Our flexible plans come in handy in times of budget cuts or preference changes. They are tailor-made to integrate seamlessly with your dynamic needs and suit your convenience. Take advantage of our super easy plans today with competitively low prices. 

Cell phone activation

Simple Mobile Cell Phone Activation

Customers who want to save money on their monthly cell phone bills can take advantage of Simple Mobile’s discounted data options. Simple Mobile, despite its lofty moniker, makes finding the correct cellular carrier for your phone a breeze. Things to expect include: 

  1. High network performance 
  2. At least 480p resolution on Simple Mobile’s truly Unlimited plan 
  3. Unlimited high-speed data and tiered plans 
Cell phone activation

Tracfone Wireless

Tracfone supports Android and Apple-powered smartphones in their line-up. It lets users buy minutes only when needed – and in varying amounts – making it an inexpensive, go-to option for users who don’t call or text with their phones a lot. What can you expect? 

  1. Premium service to its millions of customers due to a partnership with the Big 4 cell phone companies (Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T) 
  2. Carryover data plans that start at $20 per month 
  3. Customer service and support via phone and live chat 


This is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that supports BYOD. This stands for Bring Your Own Device. Customers can keep their device and network provided that a few requirements are met. What can you expect?  

  1. Reliable coverage as its technology automatically links you up with whatever carrier has the strongest signal 
  2. No activation or cancellation fees 
  3. Compatible with newer devices on the market 
Cell phone activation

Page Plus

Page Plus is a low-cost wireless carrier that offers cell phone service on Verizon’s premier network. Page Plus steps away from the competition by relying on one of the best-performing networks in the United States and providing its customers with a diverse selection of phones and cell phone plans. What can you expect? 

  1. Page Plus runs exclusively on the Verizon Wireless network which is a relief because Verizon has one of the best download speeds. 
  2. If you care to keep your device, Page Plus has SIM cards on offer 
  3. You can purchase bargain-based plans on Page Plus or get one directly from Verizon.  
Cell phone activation

Total Wireless

This low-cost phone service may be able to save you a ton in cell phone bills. Total Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that uses Verizon’s cell towers to provide customers with widespread coverage for a fraction of the cost. What can you expect? 

  1. An unlimited data plans as well as single and family plans 
  2. An improved 4G LTE mode that allows you to converse on the phone while also using data. VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is the official name for this capability. 
Cell surgeon is your one-stop shop for cell phone related issues. We offer cell phone activation plans as low as $20 a month!