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We pride ourselves on offering customers the best service possible with fast and affordable cellphone repair. But we don’t limit ourselves to cellphones either. We can help you with your tablets, laptop computers and other electronic devices as well. In the 21st century information age, technology has become almost a necessity in people’s professional, personal and school life. A few days without your phone can seem like a lifetime. So, don’t suffer, don’t delay, come to Cell Surgeon today!

Whether it’s a large tablet that fell in a pool or a small smartphone that was run over by a car, rest assured that we’ve seen it all! No problem is too big or too small for Cell Surgeon. All our Cell Surgeon technicians complete a rigorous training program, and we pride ourselves on our culture of constant learning and development. No device is too new, no technology is too complicated. We can handle all your repair needs and get your electronic device back to being like new.

About Us

Cell Surgeon’s number one priority is customer satisfaction and quality guaranteed

Emin Bagirov CEO Cell Surgeon

Customer Care

Our motto is simple. Treat every customer exactly how you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes. We believe in integrity, courtesy and just plain being good people.

The customer not the dollar

Getting paid is important to us, otherwise we would not be in business. But what is even more important than getting paid, are our customers and their satisfaction. We understand the value of happy customers.

Company of Integrity

Doing the right thing as a business is not complicated, but it’s also not always easy. We don’t believe in cutting corners to save money and time. We will always service you as we would our own family.

Positive Mental Attitude

Thoughts and attitude are much more important than many realize. A smile and a laugh can make or break someone’s day. We focus on not only providing the best service, but also keeping our customers happy.

Deliver Customer Service

We believe our customers deserve nothing less than the best. So, we don’t mind putting in the extra hard work and time, and taking the extra steps to show our customers that we truly appreciate them and their business.

Time is a Precious Resource

Everyone has things to do and places to be, so we always respect the time of our customers. Creating a quick and seamless scheduling process, as well as completing our jobs on time is a priority.

Free Diagnostic

Not exactly sure what is wrong with your electronic device. No problem, we got you covered. We can figure out the problem with a free onsite diagnostic. No strings attached no obligations.

Low Price Guarantee

We understand that your budget is a major point of concern. Don’t stress. We provide the best service for the most competitive rates around. Affordability is our calling card.

Fast Repair

We know how important a simple cell phone can be to you. Our aim is to get your device in and out as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to your regular routine and peace of mind.

30-Day Warranty

In the rare event that you experience an issue with your repaired device, we back all our repairs with a 30-day, hassle free warranty. So you can be confident in your investment.

Data Protection

Cell Surgeon abides by strict data protection and privacy guidelines, so that you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when handing over your electronic device or passwords.


We are a well-established and operated business, and we have been in the electronics industry for years. Don’t risk inexperienced hands tampering with your phone. Come to Cell Surgeon today.